El Museo del Barrio, Giving ( and art action ) by Frances Gallardo

El Museo del barrio and PINTA Contemporary Latin Art Fair presents Friday, November 14-Sunday , November 16 The Metropolitan Pavillion on 125 West Street www.pintaart.com Frances Gallardo Regalo(una accion de arte)/Giving (an art Action) The artist invites People to bring their personal belogings -anything imaginable-and get them wrapped to give away or keep. Nina Dotti brings her performance object AP Roja Rojita to be wrapped in an other performance.

Changarrito at Scope Miami 2008

Changarrito In Mexico, we can trace street vending back to pre-Colombian times.There is evidence of a great market that functioned near Tlatetolco since the XIV century.Years latter Hernan Cortes and Bernal Diaz del Castillo wrote detailed and astounding descriptions of this market. Throughout the city we find smaller markets, although not less important, called tianquitzli by the indigenous. These markets would be the origen of what we know today as "tianguis"; ambulants markets that are set up one or two days a week in different parts of the city. These tianguis are borderline between formal and informal commerce, considering they are in constant expansion. Fascinated by this immediate reality, Maximo Gonzalez became an avid observer of this cultural and economic phenomenon. Since 2003 he has kept a register of the possibilities of these vending stands with sketches,drawings and photographs. The array of stands is almost as ample as the products they sell. Gonzalez has captured anything from an adapted bicycle, all sorts of carts, tubular structures and collapsible sound studios. In most cases the nature of the product on sale determines the form of the stand. In Gonzalez's documentation we find he draws only the infrastructure each stall, rescuing what would be the markets structure that allows the economic activity o take place. Nina Dotti Place in the Changarrito project some souvenirs of her exhibition 99 Cents cliche during Scope Miami 2008.

Scope Miami 2008

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Roja Rojita, FIA Caracas July 2008

Roja Rojita Performance 4:35 min Musica: Tangogothic Touche Guevara